Elephas ELE-PRO-S1 Mini Projector Review

Elephas ELE-PRO-S1 Mini Projector Review

Advancements in audio and video technology have been revolutionary in the past few decades. Within a short span of time, a powerful impact is seen everywhere, and now customers are reaping the rewards of a dynamic technology-filled market.

TV and video viewing devices, in this regard, have set new standards for the technology pros. The new iPhone DLP Video Projector by ELEPHAS is a true technological advancement that has set the new boundaries in the audio and video tech arena.

iPhone DLP Video Projector is a portable device e that is for iPhone users. The device comes with some extraordinary features that make it extremely easy to share your pictures, videos, favorite movies with friends.

ELEPHAS IPhone DLP Mini Projector

The device can be connected easily to both your iPad and iPhone through a lightweight cable that you can carry wherever you want. There is no need to use adapters for sharing your movies and pictures.

Whether you are planning to enjoy Bedroom Theater, backyard movie time, or going for a hotel stay or road trip, iPhone DLP Video Projector is an ideal device for your small gatherings and mini trips. It is ultra-portable and uses lithium-ion batteries with 5200mAh power that diminishes the need of carrying power cord.

An ideal device for people who travel a lot as it comes in compact size and is extremely lightweight to take anywhere. The device has an aim to make technology more accessible and more straightforward.

Product Features

  • Comes with multi-screen technology to project phone, smartphones, iPad screens
  • Multi-screen technology supports Miracast technology, Airplay, and DLNA
  • Has compact design with H: 5.7 * 3.2 * 0.9 inches dimension
  • check
    Weighs 0.6 pounds
  • check
    Comes with free a tripod
  • check
    Entails powerful battery of 5200mAh to make your movie hours uninterrupted
  • check
    Is easy-to-use, operate, and can replace the Smart TV
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    Has 100ANSI LED projector for sharp images and vibrant colors
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    Comes with adjustable picture size technology
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    Has 1.6- 10ft projection distance with 800 x 480P resolutions
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    Comes with MHL connectivity and powerful multimedia input

Product Benefits

iPhone DLP Video Projector comes with a plethora of latest and advanced features that set this excellent device apart from its competing brands. The compact size and portability are one of its prominent features that have made the device a must-to-have product for all technology savvies.

The device incorporates DLNA, Miracast and Airplay technologies to help you connect your iPad or smartphones, and iPhone with the projector to allow you share movies, pictures, and videos effortlessly within minutes.

ELEPHAS IPhone DLP Mini Projector

The mini projector can get your device connected to a maximum screen size of 130 inches via a small and light cable. You can also connect your USB cables and Type-c cables with DLP Video Projector for sharing your videos and other stuff with friends and family.

This advanced projector does not only connect to your cellular devices, but also give you a real theatre experience with its multi-screen technology. No longer do you need to spend money to watch movies in the theater when you have DLP mini projector at home.

It gives you cinema-at-home experience with vibrant colors and clear images with its 800 x 480P resolutions. With this, superior and unparallel image quality and high pixel matrices of iPhone DLP Video Projector; you can watch and enjoy HD versions of movies and videos.

In addition to providing an ideal resolution output, iPhone DLP Video Projector entails an exceptional connectivity range. You can easily connect your PS3, PS4, DVD, TV, and laptops with the projector through USB, HDMI, SD cards, and AV outputs.

You can enjoy long hours of movies and games without having to worry about the battery worn out. The projector has a 5200-mAh powerful lithium-ion battery that runs minimum two hours without any failure or interruption.

The smart DLP technology is the reason you can enjoy high brightness and have fantastic visual experience. Furthermore, iPhone DLP Video Projector does not only give you image quality, but it entails HIFI sound level to ensure you take pleasure of clear sound of the movies. You do not require buying external speakers to enhance sound quality.

 Buying iPhone DLP Video Projector is a smart choice as it comes with a free tripod, power cable and long-term warranty of eighteen months.


  • Equipped with advanced technology to make TV viewing and movie sharing easy
  • Portable and pocket-sized
  • Reduces the need for adapters
  • Gives you sharp, vibrant and vivid image with real colors
  • Powerful battery for long movie hours
  • Long-term warranty and free tripod

What Other Buyers Are Saying

iPhone DLP Video Projector is proven a good purchase for the buyers. Many of its customers have shared their experience on multiple platforms regarding the exceptional features of this projector.

From refine image quality to portability, buyers found this projector categorically an ideal TV viewing device. Buyers appreciated the latest software and multi-screen technology that made video sharing easy like never before.

Moreover, the device has become the first choice for the buyers with its super easy installation and operation. They have strongly recommended this projector.

Buying Advice

Aside from some customer service issues, buyers did not find anything objectable in the device. Most of the buyers are delighted with the low price of iPhone DLP Video Projector. They consider it a worthy investment due to its premium quality and high performance.

ELEPHAS IPhone DLP Mini Projector

If you are interested in buying the product, it is available on Amazon under

Final Verdict

Overall, inculcated with high technological features, iPhone DLP Video Projector undeniably is a projector that skillfully transfers and shares your videos, movies, and pictures. The product features some unique qualities like DLT technology, native resolution, and portability that make it a product spending that much cash on - a must-have!

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